Youth Job Bank Posting

Please read the following information carefully before completing your job posting at the bottom of the page.

How does the Job Bank work?

Any East Haddam youth ages 12 through 17 may submit an application to have their name listed in the Job Bank. Any East Haddam resident may call EHYFS to request a youth to hire. EHYFS provides names of potential employers based on type of job. The youth/parent contacts the employers directly.

Job Conditions

Employment request consist primarily of temporary and part time work. Wages, hours, transportation and any needed equipment must be agreed upon by the employer, youth and parents.


EHYFS does not screen employers or employees. There is no implied approval of the employer or youth. There is no implied recommendation of the skills of the employee. It is up to the student and their parent to decide if this job and/or employer are appropriate. It is up to the employer to interview and check references. Employers are encouraged to speak with the parent to determine whether the youth is capable of the job.